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The Sakura Filmproduktion e.K. was established July 1st 2007 in Berlin. The corporate mission is the production of high-quality movies for mature audiences. Hereby solving the alleged contradiction between commercialization and artistry. A cornerstone of this quality is our own script development. In a medium term, we plan to establish our enterprise throughout Germany, but also operate as co-producer in international productions. We would like to do business with like-minded people, either in the production of movies or TV-projects. Besides our debut project, the multiple award winning short film Leben! - Touching Life, we finished our first feature-lenght movie INNENKIND which had its Market Premiere at the Marché du Film during the 2014 Film Festival in Cannes in May.  Please visit our Project Page for more information. 

Sakura Filmproduktion is also a reliable partner in the field of production services, with its commercial focal point on film finance, budgeting and the application of public film funds, as well as production accounting, e.g. as line producer, executive producer, production manager, or production accountant, as shown in the successful collaboration as production manager with macchiato pictures, producing the clip „Turquoise“ with the Ballhaus Climate Control  Initiative, working face to face with the famous cinematographer Michael Ballhaus, or as line producer in the production of the short film „Die Operation“ for the production company mafilm as well as other projects...Projects/Projects.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
Sakura Filmproduktion e.K

Oliver Boy, founder of Sakura Filmproduktion e.K., was born in Berlin on November the 6th 1970. After his High School Degree (Abitur) he studied Jazz Composition at the famous Berklee College of Music, in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. concluding with a „Diploma in Jazz Composition“. After his return to Berlin, Oliver decided to absolve a professional IHK (International chamber of commerce) in-firm and off-the-job training resulting in an official ceretificate as „wholesale – and foreign trade merchant“. After his professional training he administrated the Familiy business „Boy Bauelemente GmbH“ as CEO, after a short period as commercial clerk, and filled this position for a period of 5 years. Looking for new challenges, he acted as berlin branch manager of an gemany wide operating competing enterprise (SEG Bauelemente GmbH) in the same field of work.

To strenghthen his knowledge in the area of Film- and Television production, Oliver Boy mastered an advanced training at the iSFF (Institute for Acting-, Film- and Television- professions) preparing for the occupation as „Creative Producer in Film and Television“ and attended continuously seminars for the production professionals with diverse contents at the EPI (Erich Pommer Institute), parrallel to his work and advanced training:


To expand the field of business into film management and accounting, Oliver mastered an advanced training at the GFS Business School in Berlin to become a certified bachelor professional of accounting (national and international), certified by the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) in Berlin in June 2014.  He expanded his expertise with additional training  to aquire the title International Certified Accountant,  with the specialization in International Accounting (IFRS) and internatioanal tax law.
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